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The way to enter the human body
The existence of toxic substances is very wide, in the process of scientific research and production from raw materials to products, from intermediate products to by-products, from the use of a variety of chemicals to waste water, waste gas and other waste, etc.. Therefore, the main route of the human body is the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract.
Respiratory tract: is the most important, the most common and most dangerous way to enter the human body.
Poison in the scientific research and production in the form of gas, steam, smoke, dust, fog and other existing, which gas, steam for molecular state, directly into the human pulmonary alveolus, and smoke, dust, fog particle diameter less than 5 microns, especially less than 3 microns, can be directly inhaled into the alveoli.
The respiratory tract has a great ability to breathe, so the absorption of poison quickly and through the respiratory tract into the body of toxins, the detoxification of the liver, dirty directly through the blood circulation distributed throughout the body.
Particles larger than 10 microns, leaving the nasal cavity and upper airway to enter the body.
Second, the skin: skin absorption have a variety of ways, through the skin without damage. The lenticels, percutaneous sweat glands; after the hair follicle and sebaceous glands.
The skin absorption of the skin is the main way, with fat soluble and water-soluble poison easily absorbed by the human body through the skin surface, such as benzene, organic phosphorus compounds, etc..
The quantity and speed of poison absorbed by skin, in addition to the fat soluble and water soluble concentration and other factors, but also with the operating environment of temperature, humidity, skin damage and contact area and other factors.
Three, the digestive tract: in the research and production of poisonous substances enter the body through the digestive tract is rarely appear, generally due to accidental causes.
Due to a respiratory tract into the poison of some adhesion in nasopharyngeal parts or mixed in the secretions, borrow deglutition in digestive tract, or due to bad health habits or in a laboratory for the use of poisons, workshop diet, smoking, pollution hand take food caused by toxins in the digestive tract.
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