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The origin of the gas mask

The gas mask was first used in the war, after the development and improvement to be applied to other kinds of occasions, it is the famous Russian chemist Jelinski invented the.
In April 1915, the German forces in the battle of yribe used chemical weapons, cast 18 million kilograms of chlorine, the allied state 1.5 million people were poisoned, 5000 people died.
The famous Russian chemist Jelinski in order to find the way of anti drug war, personally on the front line investigation. He found that when the chlorine comes, those who use military coat over my head or head in the soft soil of the soldiers survived. After analysis, he found that the military coat of hair and soil particles have a role in the adsorption of toxic substances. Later, he further research, experiments, found that charcoal can absorb toxic substances, but also to make air flow. Thus, jelinski developed high performance carbon gas. In 1916, the first gas mask was born, the field of the battlefield and the use of toxic sites, anti-virus effect is very good. After that, countries compete to imitate. So the gas masks become a battlefield and toxic workplace standing activities.

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